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iNaturalist Project

Add your observations to the iNaturalist Project for Mira Vista Field. If you need help with bird identification, see our Birds page or CFidler's Bird Field Guide.


Donations are welcome and needed for refreshments (about $40/work day), Mutt Mitts (about $100/2000), and website (about $130/year). Please Contact us for information on how to donate.

2018 Events

Folks who cannot make it to a work day can grab a bag of weeds from the entry gate areas any time and take home to their green bins. This will be a BIG help! Please return bags to the gate areas, because we re-use them!

  • Saturday, May 19, 2018: Native Plant Work Day

    We had a very small group (sorry for the late notice, everyone), but got a lot done in preparation for the District's mowing this week. (Mowing had been delayed from when it was originally scheduled 3 weeks ago). Thank you, Nel, Priscilla, Logan, Jon, and Adele! We straightened out fallen flags and added more at native plant areas, mowed around native plant areas and along the lower fence line where the District's mower cannot reach, and hand weeded in the native grassland area on the hill by the Zinn gate. Also, Adele met with the District's maintenance superintendent to go over the mow/no mow areas.

    PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE FLAGS, and if you see anyone pulling them, tell them to stop. The flags are necessary for the District's mower operator to be able to see where the plants to be protected are.

    Until next time ...

  • Saturday, April 21, 2018: Earth Day Work Day

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